tETH is a liquid restaking token (LRT) that converges the fragmented on-chain ETH interest rates market. Holders of tETH earn real yield in excess of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards through interest rate arbitrage while still being able to use tETH for DeFi activities. tETH is also foundational to supporting the implementation of the Treehouse Actively Validated Service (AVS).

Ensuring on-chain interest rate efficiency: Holders of tETH actively shape on-chain markets by converging rates to Ethereum’s “risk-free” rate.

Democratizing access to fixed income arbitrage: tETH allows users to participate in arbitrage strategies typically accessible only to institutional investors.

Powering Decentralized Offer Rates (DOR): By holding tETH, users help extend cryptoeconomic security to the Treehouse AVS.

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